Testimonials for Nick Venegoni: Holistic Therapy SF

“… I also wanted to let you know I got signed by a record label. I’m very excited and a bit beside myself that it even happened. Therapy not only helped me, it really created room for new things and one of them is music. I’m so thankful for your help! I will always have that special space in my heart filled with gratitude. I’m really, really excited about what my future is to bring!” ~ T. A.

“Nick Venegoni is warm, sensitive, and deeply committed to the well-being and growth of others. As a clinician, he is remarkable at helping others really understand what is happening in their lives and is gentle in helping them move forward. I highly recommend Nick Venegoni if you are looking to personally grow and live a fuller life.” ~ J. B.

“I went to see Nick with an interest in exploring hypnotherapy for the first time. I was both curious and skeptical, but he allayed any fears or misgivings I may have had with his calm, clear demeanor. He spoke very extensively about the process and answered all of my questions. Nick has a very warm, relaxed way about him which, in turn, set me at ease. And his hypnotherapy sessions are quite gratifying and rewarding even as they are challenging in terms of the depth of the work being done.” ~ C. O.

“Nick’s mindfulness and calm, contemplative nature allow him to be fully present for his clients. He takes a holistic approach that holds the mind, body and spirit of a person in its entirety. I highly recommend Nick, without reservation.” ~ P. M.

“Nick is quite skilled at hypnotherapy. I needed to do some deep work around family issues and had tried years of traditional therapy that didn’t really get at what I needed. But just a couple of sessions and things started to move. I really appreciated Nick’s holding of the space as well as his skill at hypnotherapy itself. I have no qualms about highly recommending him and have referred my friends and community to him.” ~ B. C.

“Although I don’t get to see him as often as I would like, the few sessions I have had with Nick have supported me in a time of deep personal change. We have done very intense energetic healing within the context of hypnotherapy. Nick has a very nurturing, grounding and completely non-judgemental presence. The goals and context for each session are co-created based on your needs in the moment. I highly recommend Nick Venegoni to anyone interested in self revelation work. Blessings on your journey!”
~ T. B.

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