Contact Your Own Inner Wisdom for Support, Strength & Clarity

Together in Queer community, Nick will take you on a guided meditation
to help you connect with your personal Queer Spirit Guide.

During our 50-minutes together, we will:

  • Discuss the value of connecting with our own inner wisdom.
  • Journey together on a guided meditation to connect with your Queer Spirit Guide.
  • Share our experiences and learn to cultivate the connections with our Queer Guides for support, clarity & wisdom.

*This workshop is open to anyone who self-identifies as Queer/LGBT+.
No previous experience with meditation is necessary.

~ Tuesday, August 22nd: 6 – 7 PM, Pacific Time ~

Hosted by: Nick Venegoni, MFT & CHT

Nick is a psychotherapist and certified hypnotherapist in San Francisco, where he supports queer people to find healing in mind, body and spirit. He studies Buddhist psychology, shamanism, and energy medicine at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

“As a seeker and student of healing wisdom I have always had a curiosity for the nature of the universe and my relationship to it. As a gay and queer person it’s important for me to support others who, like myself, have suffered at the hands of hatred, injustice, fear or misunderstanding; to be a guide and an advocate for those who feel alone, different or weird on their healing journey. I look forward to sharing this practice with you.”


– art by Mohsin Shafi

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