Ecopsychology & Shamanism

I personally believe that our health and well-being is directly correlated to our relationship with nature. In this modern digital age we are increasingly losing this connection, forgetting how important it is to respect the Earth, and to honor the way it supports our us.


Ecopsychology posits that human health and identity are intimately linked to the health of the earth and must include sustainable and mutually enhancing relationships between humans and the nonhuman world. Ecopsychology places human psychology in an ecological context, and is aimed at healing the divisions between mind and nature, humans and earth. The central concern of ecopsychology is the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of both the human and nonhuman world and an understanding of the psychological processes that either bond us to the natural world or alienate us from it.

Shamanism is the original ecopsychology with its roots in our primal human cultures. Shamanism is an ancient practice of healing and spiritual connection with the Earth, which underlays most of the other spiritual traditions on the planet. Through shamanic practices we bring the wisdom of nature to our consciousness and allow it to guide us towards healing. (Read more about the different kinds of shamanic practices I use here.)

In my practice I use the principals of ecopsychology and shamanism to support my clients, encouraging them to reconnect with the wisdom inherent in the nature all around us (even in the city). The simplicity of plants and animals, and the ways they relate in the natural elements quickly cuts through the noise of contemporary society and brings us back to our own inner knowing. Reconnecting with nature at a primal level can reboot our system and allow us to remember that we already know how to heal ourselves.

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