Audio Recordings

~ Mindfulness Relaxation Meditation

I invite you to listen to this recording of me guiding you through a mindfulness relaxation exercise. In preparation, find a place where you can be undisturbed for ten minutes and give yourself the gift of calmness and relaxation.

(You’re welcome to download this for use at anytime. Simply click “download” in the upper-right corner.)

~ Radio Interviews with Nick

  • Author and coach Rick Clemons, interviewed me for his pocast, The Coming Out Lounge. We talked about the experiences of trauma that many LGBTQ people face as they move through their coming out experience. Listen hereā€¦
  • Listen to two interviews with Nick discussing his new workshop, Queer Journey Circles.
  • I was interviewed on September 9th, 2012, by HiC Luttmers of Firefly Willows LIVE on Blog Talk Radio. I discussed my therapy practice and how I use Hakomi, expressive arts and hypnotherapy with my clients. We also talked about the role of doubt and uncertainty in our lives. Enjoy!
  • Darin Hollingsworth of the Working Gratitude podcast interviewed me on all the ways that I am grateful for the work that I do. Give it a listen here.
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